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Executive Summary
The AACE/ACE Consensus Conference on Obesity (CCO): Building an Evidence Base for Comprehensive Action convened March 23-25, 2014 in Washington, D.C. The premise of the conference was that by bringing together stakeholders in U.S. obesity care, representing the biomedical and public health models, new information would emerge to initialize a process to formulate actionable recommendations.

AC.3. Lifestyle intervention is critical to an obesity comprehensive care plan. Lifestyle interventions include behavioral modification, healthy eating patterns, increased physical activity, and sleep hygiene.

However, a greater degree of standardization of lifestyle intervention programs, more detailed recommendations regarding the components of therapy, as well as effective communications and community engagement, are needed for successful application and evaluation. Reimbursement for long-term and individualized, high-intensity structured lifestyle interventions is necessary, especially in the context of reducing disparities in health care accessibility.

Clinical trials have established that lifestyle and behavioral interventions can produce and sustain weight loss, leading to the prevention and treatment of diabetes and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors.

Principles embodied in these clinical trials have been translated into community-based programs for weight loss and incorporated into effective. structured treatment programs that can be remote or web-based, offered commercially, or used in multidisciplinary clinic-based programs.

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