If sugar is so bad for you then…

  • Why does your body break down muscle to make more sugar, when your blood sugar is low?
  • Why do your kidneys work so hard to keep 100% of the blood sugar from escaping?
  • Why do your brain and red blood cells use only sugar for energy?
  • Why must sugar to be available first for fat and proteins to be used as energy?
  • Why does sugar reduce soreness and improve muscle recovery after physical activity?
  • Why is less than 10% of the sugar you consume ever converted to fat?
  • Why do your muscles and liver recycle lactic acid back into more sugar?
  • Why does your liver prioritize the storing of sugar?
  • Why does sugar taste and smell so good to everyone?
  • Why does sugar so strongly stimulate the pleasure/reward circuitry in your brain?
  • Why is sugar needed for the structure and function of every cell in our body?

Just something to think about…