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Why Tom Brady and Gisele’s Insane Diet Is Bullsh*t

I could not have written a better article on my best day. Try to follow as many of the integrated links as you can, they are great. I especially like “know what gluten is”. It is nice to see others paying such close attention to the distortion of nutritional public information. Read More..>

Just Doing My Job..,

Do the new alcohol guidelines help us understand the risks of drinking? It’s about time the 20-year-old guidelines on alcohol consumption were updated, but the new evidence makes for sobering reading Read More…,

Fish oil could help prevent mental health problems

Eating more fish or taking regular fish oil supplements may help prevent psychosis in those most at risk, researchers claim. A three month course of daily fish oil capsules appeared to significantly reduce the rate of psychotic disorders in young people, an improvement that seemed to persist when doctors assessed their mental health seven years […]

Sleep or Die

A growing amount of research suggests that not getting enough shut-eye could also have insidious effects on heart disease, obesity and other conditions. Read More…>