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Regardless if you are struggling with chemical dependency, a psychiatric disorder, trying to lose weight, make improvements to your health and fitness, advance in your career or, maybe you simply have an inability to move forward in your life; ATP lifestyle coaching can provide you with the support, guidance and structure necessary to develop and execute an effective plan toward achieving specific goals, which enhance and enrich the quality of your life.

Total Solution Coaching

Our lifestyle coaching program has been so successful, because of our unifying approach. We call it “Total Solution Coaching”. Total Solution Coaching begins with our philosophy that in order to affect change, there is no single solution that works best. Not cognitive therapy, pharmacology, fitness, nutrition, or any other means which functions independently, can be an effective long-term solution towards positive behavioral change. Rather, we believe it is the synergy and interrelationship among many disciplines which yields the greatest results.

Our extensive knowledge in fitness, nutrition and cognitive health puts us in the unique position to provide the coherence and continuity of key principles needed to meaningfully enhance the quality of one’s life.

But we don’t stop there, our Lifestyle Coaches are team players. We understand that sometimes due to the complexity of achieving certain goals, it is necessary to integrate and cooperate with a larger support team consisting of professionals from the medical community, and other health and legal services.

It is the goal of ATP lifestyle coaching, to empower those who seek our assistance with knowledge, encouragement and confidence to endure any obstacle they may face on their journey towards achieving a higher quality of life.


Fitness Coaching:

Whether you plan on training at a commercial gym or in your home, the Fitness Coaching service is designed to maximize your time and effort, while minimizing your risk of injury. After a detailed health risk and history analysis has been completed, an assessment of your particular training environment will be conducted, either through electronically transmitted images or by an on-site survey. Taking into consideration your current fitness stature, physical limitations and medical needs (if any), your lifestyle modification expert will assemble a progressive fitness regimen (along with images and/or videos). Detailed instructions will be given either through still images or by real-time videoconferencing. Weekly ongoing support will enable you to implement these principles, into your unique daily schedule and lifestyle habits, as well as, provide you with the necessary motivation and accountability, that you need to be successful. The Fitness Coaching service is specifically designed to maximize your fitness results, while helping you achieve your individualized goals, with long-term success and sustainability.


Weight Loss & Nutritional Coaching:

After a detailed health risk and history analysis has been completed, you’ll be given a special form to provide a real-time one week summary of your eating habits. A full metabolic analysis will also be conducted, in order to determine your particular caloric expenditure and intake needs. Your lifestyle modification expert will utilize the gathered information to construct a detailed eating regimen. Consideration will be given to the type of foods you enjoy while maintaining your nutritional and caloric requirements. Weekly ongoing support will enable you to implement these principles, into your unique daily schedule and lifestyle habits, as well as, provide you with the necessary motivation and accountability. The Weight Loss & Nutritional Coaching service is specifically designed to maximize your body fat reduction results, while helping you achieve your health goals, with long-term success and sustainability.


Brain Health Coaching

Two brains are better than one. The moods, emotions and the choices you make every day, can have a very real and significant impact, not only on your health, but also on the the success of your future. ATP lifestyle coaches are excellent sounding boards who can offer insightful, practical and creative options. When making important choices in life, it is always helpful to have someone to engage with that is as interested in your success, as you are. More importantly, when moods and emotions get the best of you, having a voice of reason can sometimes mean the difference between making a poor choice or making a positive move toward your future.
ATP lifestyle coaches provide the empowerment, motivation and encouragement necessary to keep you on track towards your goals. We build strong relationships with our clients so that we can get into the trenches-of-life with them.

What if you could have the support and guidance of a lifestyle Coach right at your fingertips? Well you can!

ATP Lifestyle Coaching takes advantage of the informational age by utilizing the power of telecommunication. Our coaching program is specifically designed to maximize time and effort, without compromising quality of service. Research shows, that when people have the convenience and flexibility of frequent access to a support professional, they are much more likely to be successful in making lifestyle changes.

Whether you are out to lunch, grocery shopping or planning to go for a quick jog, telecommunicational support is a great way to get the answers you need, quickly and conveniently.



Phone support has been used in the psychotherapy and lifestyle support industries for years. Performed on regular bases, research has shown, this type of support is highly effective and convenient. Phone support is preferably done on a scheduled weekly bases (1 to 3 times per wk.), with sessions lasting approximately 20-45 minutes. Clients are always welcome to contact their Lifestyle Coach as needed during reasonable hours for quick conversations.


Text Messaging:

Text messaging is one of the fastest growing support options availible. It can be very convenient and accommodating. A great way to ensure accountability and reassurance. Text messaging is excellent for quick Q&A responses when needed.



E-Mail support is a mainstay for providing ongoing electronic support, with the added advantage of long term reviewable messages. This type of support is an excellent option for those with busy schedules and those who travel a lot. It allows for the easy delivery of detailed documentation and printable material, as well as, links to important information. Clients are always welcome to contact their lifestyle coach, via E-Mail for in-depth Q&As or last minute issues and schedule changes.



The fast growing practice of telecommunication is certainly convenient and has its advantages, but sometimes it’s necessary to get a little more personal. Face-to-face coaching provides a level of intimacy which may be needed for those times when issues are more sensitive or complex. Likewise, during the initial weeks of relationship building between coach and client, face-to-face coaching helps to establish and strengthen the trust which is so imperative for achieving a successful outcome. It also lends itself to a higher level of focus and attention, than that which can be achieved through other means. Lastly, the verbal and nonverbal communication that is experienced during a face-to-face meeting is a valuable asset to any successful coaching program.

Face-to-face coaching can be performed as frequently as several times a week or as little as once a month. Whatever schedule may be appropriate, face-to-face coaching remains an integral part of any well-rounded and effective coaching program.

Contact ATP Lifestyle Modification and find out how you can start taking advantage of our Lifestyle Coaching program, today.