Custom Home Gym

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Convenience is everything:

The number one reason people choose a fitness facility is convenience and home gyms are the ultimate when it comes to convenience of fitness. But even the most aesthetically pleasing home gym is wasted space if the equipment choice is not suitable for the individuals who use it.

ATP Lifestyle Modification is your answer to the perfect home gym, with over 20 years of experience in home gym and commercial facility design. From conceptual layout to putting on the finishing touch’s, ATP will work closely with your design and contracting experts to ensure the specifications of the room, meet the requirements of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines for safety.

Our expertise is second to none when it comes to choosing the right equipment. We begin by gathering the necessary information from all users through an in-depth health risk, fitness history and goal setting assessment. We then, use this vital information together with other important factors such as; available space, budget requirements and surrounding décor, to select the highest quality possible in brand name fitness equipment.

No job is too small. Regardless if you plan on using a full staff of construction and design consultants or just yourself, ATP is ready to help. We can assist in choosing the best available space, flooring selection, equipment choice and design layout. As well as, additional accessories and comprehensive training on all usage. It’s all part of our professional custom home gym service.


ATP Lifestyle Modification will help you build a safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing home gym. Contact us and find out how you can start taking advantage of our Custom Home Gym program, today.