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treatment options, including massage therapy, chiropractic  therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture therapy, drug therapy and  decompression therapy.  The only other option I had left  was surgery, according to my doctor.  And the only way I would do  that is if I was taken in a stretcher.  The problem with surgery is it is  very dangerous, painful, with long recovery and you have to choose from  multiple surgery procedure options with no guarantees of 100% success. It is  always a percentage like 30%-70% improvement.   One day my wife from  found an article, in a local newspaper, that Ron had written an article  in, on back pain.  He described my pain exactly in that he was most  severe in the morning and loosened up somewhat in the afternoon and got worse  if I sat for long periods.  I immediately made an appointment to go and see  him.  After talking to Ron, I knew immediately that he fully understood  what I was going through and that he would be able to help me.  One of the  things that impressed me about him was that he had gone through the same thing  himself with his own back.  He was able to describe in such exact  and minute detail the cause and effect of why I had so much pain in  medical terms, that I thought he was a doctor.

Ron understands how all  the muscles of the body help support the back, and I was very surprised to  learn that by strengthening my leg muscles it to help strengthen my back and  relieve a lot of the pain.  So by creating an exercise schedule, whereby I  strengthened all my muscles from head to toe, I was able to help my back heel  itself.

Ron’s vast knowledge of  the human body, and how it interacts with other parts is superior to any of the  doctors that I have seen over the years.  He’s not trying to sell any  procedure or drug, only physical fitness in a way that’s safe and yet  challenging.  He does not offer a quick fix, but yet, neither do most  doctors.

I’ve been going to Ron  for the past one half years and I have made dramatic turnaround.  I do not  have the pain in my back when I first get up in the morning.  I can  put on my shoes with no problem, and I’m relatively  pain-free for  most the day.  The only time my back stiffens up, is if I sit for  long periods of time.  But even that is getting better with each and every  day. I am able to sit for longer and longer periods with less and less pain as  my workouts with Ron progress.

I recommend that anybody  with any kind of physical pain to just talk to Ron, and they will realize  that he truly understands, like no doctor, the cause and effect of  their pain and how to help the body heal itself with proper strengthening exercises.  As  an added bonus, you improve your physical health greatly!

Ron Baer thank you  for saving me from the surgeon’s knife!

David V.