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With the vast amount of choices in electronic media available today, public speaking is still the most preferred method of communicating information to groups large and small.

ATP Lifestyle Modification lectures are presented by the owner and founder, Ron Baer. Ron provides practical, real-world solutions which motivate, inspire, entertain and educate the audience. Ron’s lectures are engaging and bring a level of understanding which cannot be replicated by any other means of media.

Nutrition, fitness and cognitive health can be complex concepts to understand at times. Ron is exceptional at transforming them into easy to understand applicable and empowering information. He will take the audience on an educational journey which leads them to a destination of actionable solutions.

Ron’s passion to effect change is evident in every topic. He has went to great lengths to ensure the information he shares with the audience is accurate and creditable. Ron is a firm believer in evidence-based research, and is never shy to challenge conventional wisdom.

ATP Lifestyle Modification Lecture series has been carefully designed to address the most relevant topics concerning the general public today.


Speech Topics:

I don’t make the rules, I just know the rules.

Ron lays it all out on the line. A sensible and manageable discussion of how to make meaningful behavioral changes, to achieve a higher quality-of-life. Fitness, nutrition and cognitive health, what are they? How are they inter-related and how can you implement them into your life? This is an entertaining and enlightening talk about what it takes to make meaningful changes in your life to improve your health and fitness.

Now what?

Carbs are good carbs, carbs are bad. Eat lots of protein, don’t eat lots of protein. You need to take multivitamins, multivitamins are dangerous….
It seems every time we turn around the information is now the opposite of what it was. What’s the truth and why does it keep flip-flopping? Ron tackles head-on the confusing world of nutritional science. He will make sense of it all and leave the audience with a good taste in their mouth.

Get fit by doing nothing.

We have been looking at it all wrong. The day does not end with sleep, it begins with sleep. Sleep is an essential behavior, which means if you don’t do it often you will get sick and if you don’t do it at all, you will die. Ron awakens his audience with this matter-of-fact discussion about the necessities of sleep and how it affects your health, fitness and well-being.

Stupid human tricks.

If I told you to take your shoes off, hold a ball in one hand, squat down and walk like a duck in public, would you do it? Chances are you would tell me “not even if a cow jumped over the moon”. Nevertheless there isn’t a day that goes by in which I see regular people in public gyms, attempting to perform activities which are much more ludicrous than that. Worst of all, they are being directed to do so by a trusted professional. Ron takes a humorous but constructive look at the madness of the fitness craze. Weight training, treadmills, steppers, spinning classes, core training, yoga, pilates, pretend kickboxing, functional training, boot camps and crosstraining, what are they good for? Should you be doing them? Learn what works and what doesn’t work, what is a waste of time and what is just downright dangerous.


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