Our extended services are designed to compliment and enhance the total ATP Lifestyle Modification experience. We are committed to continuously seeking out new and impactful solutions for improving the quality of life for all who join our family.

Preventative health care is quickly becoming one of the most important industries for the 21st. century. ATP Lifestyle Modification is proud to be at the forefront of this new emergence in health care. Our attention to evidence-based research enables us to bring exciting new products and services to our clients in a timely manner, sometimes well before the general public becomes aware of such benefits. We are pleased to provide the following customer added values in Lifestyle Coaching, Ergonomic Evaluations, Custom Home Gyms, Public Speaking and More.

Lifestyle Coaching:

Life Coach

Why has our lifestyle coaching program been so successful?
Because of our unifying approach, we call it“Total Solution Coaching”.
Total Solution Coaching begins with our philosophy that in order to affect change, there is no single solution that works best.
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Ergonomic Evaluation:


ATP lifestyle modification experts can evaluate your workspace and living conditions to identify contributing factors which can lead to fatigue. Awkward postures, repetitive motions, forceful exertions, compression of pressure points and continuous vibrations, are some examples of contributing factors.
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Custom Home Gym:


ATP Lifestyle Modification is your answer to the perfect home gym, with over 20 years of experience in home gym and commercial facility design.From conceptual layout to putting on the finishing touch’s, ATP will work closely with your design and contracting experts to
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Public Speaking:


With the vast amount of choices in electronic media available today, public speaking is still the most preferred method of communicating information to groups large and small. ATP Lifestyle Modification lectures are presented by the owner and founder, Ron Baer.
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