“ATP is With You Every Step of the Way”

What, when and how much to eat.., is only half the battle.

Adapting to real world situations and being consistent long enough to see meaningful results, is truly the most difficult aspect of any nutritional program.

ATP Lifestyle Modification Experts will help you develop the skills and knowledge

necessary to meet the nutritional challenges of every day life.
Learn life long solutions that enable you to achieve the success you desire weather it be weight loss, sport performance or general health.

ATP will help sort through all the confusion and mayhem.

Gain a better understanding of nutrition as it relates to health, weight loss and sports enhancement. Nutritional science is complex and can be very confusing at times. To make matters worse, knowing what to do is not good enough, you also have to actually do it! Our Lifestyle Modification experts not only know what you should do, but more importantly, why you don’t do it!

You don’t have to stop enjoying life just to have good nutrition.

Work, family, friends, health and play all present real challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will provide you with real-life solutions that enable you to navigate the nutritional obstacles of day-to-day life.

model-1…All our nutritional programs are customized specifically for you.

  • Weight Loss Program
  • Sports Performance Program
  • Wellness Program

Nut_srvs…Every Program Comes with a Full Array of Nutritional Services.

  • Dietary history evaluation
  • Comprehensive nutrient analysis
  • Metabolic assessment
  • Body fat & circumference measurements
  • Goal setting & Incremental progress planning
  • Food choice & schedule programming
  • Ongoing daily support (email, text, phone)
  • Nutritional education



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